Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're Back

Our laptop has been on the fritz since the day we bought it about a year ago. We trudged through and slowly things got worse and worse, until a few weeks ago we couldn't even get online anymore. So, I finally got around to calling Dell and after 3 phone calls, 5 emails, 4 reinstalls using the repair and restore USB stick they sent me, and 3 driver updates via their support website, we are back! Good grief.

Anyway, that is the long story on why I haven't blogged in a month. That, and because things have been pretty hohum around here.

I did manage to get this video of Liv. I was trying to get her to show how she does "touchdown" (throws her arms in the air), "living the dream" (pumps her arms up and down a la Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers), and then claps for herself. But, true to style, she wanted nothing to do with my requests. Both kids are notorious for not cooperating for the camera.

Nonetheless, this video is entertaining (and blurry; might be time for a new camera--everything else is breaking around here lately, why not the camera too!).

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  1. Yea-a-a! Glad your computer is working again and you can post cute videos of Ben and Livvie! Looking forward to Texgiving.