Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Projects

The kids went to Nana's to visit on Saturday, so I used the time to get several projects done as fast as I could. It is amazing what I can get done in 6 hours by myself!

First, I tackled the chair rail in the dining room. I wanted to paint it white. I was hoping it would look okay to leave the trim wood and paint only the chair rail white. We have sooooo much wood trim, I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle such a big project. I figure if the chair rail doesn't look good, I can always take it off.

The verdict is still out. I think it looks kind of weird with the trim being wood.  I definitely like the white MUCH better overall though. The paint color looks much prettier next to the white.

While I was painting, I took this stool Mom had given me out and sanded it down (there were some paint clumps) and gave it a few fresh coats of paint. So it is looking happy!

This stool serves as our timeout spot. But despite that, the kids both like sitting on it and reading. Ben also likes to line up his animal figurines on it.

Photo bomb--Ben was too impatient for me to take these photos. He wanted to play with his Lincoln Logs up on the table so that Liv wouldn't knock down his master piece.

See how the wood and white look weird...

I also gave this previously brown lamp a few coats of white spray paint. Our family room is so brown. Trying to lighten things up where I can.

That's all I got done yesterday before the kids came home and it was back to Mommy mode. Pretty good for 6 hours though.


  1. The white looks so good. I would paint the trim around the windows, but not the wood inside the window frames. If you do baby steps, you can get it all done. The last thing I would tackle in that room is the wood trim at the top of the wall.

  2. I looked at it again, and think the problem is the thin floor trim. Have you seen House of Smith's tutorial on beefing up floor trim? She added a trim above her original stuff by using a piece of board as a guide and then painted between the top and bottom trim so it looks like one big piece. I really think your problem is the skinny trim.

    1. Yes I have. I have considered that but again that commits me to painting a house FULL of trim. Ugh. I suppose if I start now we will be done in 2040. The chair rail took one coat of primer and three coats of paint. That's a lot of painting!

  3. I would paint the trim too. I have seen many houses where some rooms are wood and some are white, and it's a slow process to do it all but it isn't that noticeable from room to room that it's different. Have you ever thought of doing a faux board and batten on the lower half? You just nail in thin strips of boards every so often and then paint it all white. I think right now it's just looking a little top heavy with all the photos, and a nice white board and batten would look awesome and balance out the weight, and brighten it up.

    1. I completely agree. I have considered it but wasn't sure how. Will Home Depot cut the boards for me?