Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fireplace Wall (Almost) DONE

A month or two back, we finally chose a color for the fireplace wall (BM's Hale Navy). So, one Saturday Mike took the kids to Nana's for the day while he went golfing, and I got busy painting.

Here is a reminder of our before.

The wall is 10', so even on a ladder, this shortie wasn't able to reach the ceiling. I did what I could, and then Mike found time a few weeks later to finish up the top of the wall.

I have to give him credit--his taping and painting of the ceiling line is perfect. I was very impressed! My painting of the lines where the walls meet--not so great. :-) It was extremely hard to see where one wall ended and the other began. Mike noted this too when he was painting the very top of the wall area.

But, all in all, it looks good. The navy really stands out against the white mantel and is SO much better than the brown rag roll look circa 1994 (though our house was built in 2003 so I'm not sure what the previous owners were thinking...).

I also went ahead and spray painted our black mirror white to match the mantel and to stand out against the navy.

My best little helper. He even accompanied me on a trip to Home Depot when I ran out of spray paint. (And talked me into pumpkins, gum, and a singing, dancing Rudolph stuffed animal while we were there. This one has Mom wrapped around his little finger--and he knows it!)

I distressed the mirror a little along the edges, but it is hard to tell unless you are very close.

And here it is all put together. I want to paint the black candle holders white as well, but Mike thinks they look good as-is. I'll likely paint them, but for now, good enough.

(Sorry for the crappy pictures. It is really hard to get a good shot because we get so much light through these windows.)

Here is a close up so you can see the color a little better. It is a really rich, dark navy in person--really lovely! It also goes nicely with the red brick, which Mike is against painting white as well. Anyway, the navy picks up nicely on the navy rug in our entryway, which lines up directly with this wall.

I'm calling this "almost" done because we are considering painting the window trim white, and we haven't rehung the white curtains. We both like the clean look of no curtains, but so much light... We agreed that we are going to save up for some custom window treatments on these windows. White Roman shades or blinds that are mounted in the window (with light blocking to help with heating/cooling and reduce the glare on the TV in the afternoon).

The family room still has a long way to go, but this is one big project down!


  1. Love the dark navy with the red brick and white trim. I know you will be shocked, but I would leave the window trim wood for now and just put the drapes back up. Just my two cents. I think the wood trim keeps the white/navy look from being too stark.