Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just a photo dump of some randomness from the last week or two.

Ben likes to get Liv "a few toys" when she is on the floor playing. By "a few toys," he means the entire basket. Ben is no minimalist.

As long as Ben is playing with her, Liv couldn't care less what toy she has.

To my surprise, Liv is not a big fan of the high chair. I thought she'd love it since she can sit and take it all in, but nope. Maybe when she is bigger. Meanwhile, she likes this one a bit better.

Dee looking for scraps while Ben is distracted.

Liv and her favorite toy, the Minnie rattle.

Minnie is tasty. That thing is always wet with drool.

Ben likes to play "grocery store" and deliver food to Olivia. She always happily eats what he brings.


  1. those kids are so cute. hopefully they will continue to like each other as they get older.

  2. Oh, my! He's got her so covered with toys she reminds me of E.T. when he hides in the dolls - only she's waaaaaaay cuter than E.T!