Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ben's Look

I really love that Ben is very independent and able to do so much for himself now. But that independence has a price. Now that he can get himself completely dressed, he puts together some "colorful" outfits.

He's been getting himself dressed for a few months now, with socks being the last thing he mastered.But  I can usually steer him toward a matching look. I was not successful this day. His favorite part was the blue shark socks. And of course he chose a tank top.


  1. God, he's so cute! I want to eat him up!

  2. If I had socks that cool, I'd start with them first too. Looks like your gray wall wants to be blue so badly! It almost matches Ben's socks in the picture, but I KNOW for sure we painted it gray last time I was there!