Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trading Laptops

Ben is no stranger to "computing," as you might recall. We've had him hard at work on the laptop since he was a baby.

While Gammy was hard at work on her laptop, Ben decided he'd get to work too.

But Gammy's laptop looked like more fun, so they traded.

I think this is where Gammy realized perhaps Ben had made out best in this deal.

She became a bit more concerned when Ben started giving it kisses. Or maybe he was biting it. I'm honestly not sure. Either way, about this time Gammy decided she might need to get her laptop back.

But once Ben got his hands on the real deal, he was not giving it up. Gammy tried, but he was not having it. She finally just admitted defeat.


  1. That is quite an ensemble Mom put together. Quite an ensemble indeed.

  2. ha,ha,ha...if I knew she was going to take pictures to post, you know I would not have worn those big red xmas pj's! I love how I match it with my favorite 'Black Hawks' hoodie. I got it out of the guest room closet where I left it 2 years ago when Ben was born. Still in style, right? I have no idea who in the hell the Black Hawks are, but sure does ignite comments around Chicago area!

  3. Yeah, Mom always have some interesting outfits when she visits. I doubt mine were much better, but at least I didn't let anyone snap pictures of me in them. ;-)