Monday, March 26, 2012

Drivers Beware!

Be sure to wear your seatbelts, Ben's driving now.

Saturday morning (still in his jammies), Ben asked me if he could go "driving."

"Driving" involves pulling out change, then picking it up.

  Steering the car.

Paying tolls. (He is holding our IPASS up to the window; I guess he really is paying attention to Mom and Dad when we're driving.)
Dee is the only one brave enough to risk riding with Ben. And even she is smart enough to look a little  nervous.
Buckling up! It is the law.

 Picking out some tunes on Mommy's iPod.

I think he's got it down. Only 14 more years to go!


  1. Man, that's adorable. He really has it down, doesn't he? I especially love that he pays tolls.

  2. It's all fun and games until he's actually fifteen and wants to start the car and back it out of the driveway for you, then it gets serious quick! Lol.