Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Bowl

This year, we had Nana, Papa, Brad, Denise, and Kenny over to watch the Super Bowl with us.

About the time the game started, Ben asked to watch "Mickey." Guessing everyone didn't come over to see Mickey's Choo Choo Express, I decided to let Ben watch his movie on the portable DVD player in his playroom. He and I dug into the beef sandwiches Dada made while we watched. Ben LOVED this. I'm not sure if the beef or Mickey was a bigger hit. I'll call it a tie.

After we ate and finished watching Mickey, Ben decided to pass the time trying on Nana's shoes. (Ben loves to wear other people's shoes around; he's always had a shoe/foot fetish, so this is no surprise.)

Brad and Denise were very impressed with his flair for fashion.

He finally traded in the shoes to play "Jump, Jump" in the family room -- a game he and Lily started at Christmas.

The Super Bowl was not interesting to him, but the Puppy Bowl got his attention.

Eventually Ben tired out. His pillow pile went from a fun jumping game to a cozy spot to rest. Dee got in on that action.

Until she was used for a pillow.

You didn't think this post was actually going to have anything to do with the Super Bowl, did you?


  1. Haha! So cute. I can't wait to get my hands on Baby Ben again. Although I heard from Mom that I am now "Jaimee Time Out."

  2. Love that you're showing your house all piled with pillows so mine doesn't look so "trashy" any more. Man, that pile-O-pillows sure kept the little ones entertained!