Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Be Jammin'

After much insistence, one night we convinced Bill to play his guitar for us. He was a big hit with everyone, including Ben and Lily.

For once it is Mike's feet and not mine sticking out in the picture.
Lily was so impressed, she clapped along to the music (on her "stage" of course).

Ben took a cue from Lily and joined in the clapping.

Ben was riveted as he watched from the pillow/blanket pile.

Even Wrigley enjoyed the tunes.


  1. No one would understand that pile O' pillows unless they were there! Makes for tacky pictures, but did the job of cushioning the "jumpers", except when Ben couldn't wait for Lily to clear the pile before he jumped into it too!

  2. We have a pile o' pillows in our family right now. Ben has been having fun "jumping" ever since we visited.