Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ben attended his friend Scarlett's 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago. The party was held at a Gymboree playland. Ben loved all the activities and spending time with his buddy.

Mike enjoyed the activities too.

Time for cupcakes and juice boxes!

Ben took a bite of the cupcake and, of course, didn't like it.

Not such a fan of the party hat either.

But the birthday girl sure loved her cupcake.

How cute is she???!!!

Mike holding Joe and Renee's baby, Joey. We'd totally forgotten what it feels like to hold a 3 month old.


  1. Like Mama like son...skip the sweets and just bring on the chips!

  2. I love his little haircut. He looks so grown up.

  3. I am counting the days to get my hands on him! Two weeks from today!