Friday, January 6, 2012

This is what happens when you give Jaimee and Mike alcohol and a camera...

On Christmas day, Jaimee and Mike enjoyed some rum and cokes. A lot of rum and cokes. This is what happens when they find a camera while tipsy. Mom was not drinking, so she really has no excuse. ;-)

The only thing that classes this already awesome photo up are my feet sticking out in the background. I wonder if Jaimee will disown me when she sees I posted this pic on the Internet?

Despite the fact that I appear to be on the verge of passing out, I was totally sober and enjoying
watching the kids as they played with trains.

Mom's glasses have seen better days. I'm not sure why this was "quite" so funny as I was not around for this
picture-taking extravaganza. Perhaps Jaimee or Mom can enlighten us?


  1. Oh, man. I laughed myself silly at these gems. We are so dang photogenic.

    The particularly bad self-portraits Mike and I took had a purpose. We were talking about the awfulness of every self-portrait Mom ever takes and theorized that "we couldn't take pictures that bad even if we tried." Apparently we were wrong.

    I remember saying to Mike several times, "Man, Jaysa is so lucky these are on her camera. What's she going to do when she sees the uploads?"

    And it's true: Mom and I were nearly wetting ourselves while taking the ones with her broken glasses. I especially like the last one, where she pokes her finger through the empty hole left by her fallen lens, and I wear said lens like a monocle perched on my cheek. Fun times.

  2. hmmmm...not quite sure why Jaysa was continually lying on the floor as if passed out (especially love the feet one where it looks like the wicked witches feet on Oz). However, the statement that I hadn't imbibbed in the foresaid Rum and Cokey is definitely in error.