Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ben really likes milkshakes. I mean, really likes them.

Over the holiday weekend, we took him to Oberweis. I thought he and I could just share my shake. However, any time I would try to take it away to get a sip, he would cry. Not wanting to annoy the other customers with his whining, and since my cup was too big for him to manuever anyway, I had Mike ask for a kid's cup from behind the counter and I put some of my shake in it for him.

After that, it was smooth sailing. He was excited to have his own cup, and I didn't have to fight him for a drink!

Mike got a strawberry shake and I got mint chip. Ben tried a drink of Mike's, was not impressed, and resumed gulping mine down. Ben certainly gets his eating preferences from his mama.


  1. the acorn doesn't fall from the "family" tree!

  2. Yeah, he gets his food preferences from me, and his table manners (or lack there of) from Mike.