Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Ben had a very busy 3rd of July, which is the day we really did more celebrating this year.

First, he was not interested in getting dressed in the morning, but he did insist on putting his shoes on. (This kid loves shoes.) Then he ran off to play.

After we finally got him dressed, Dada took him to visit his great grandma. Although you wouldn't know it from his face in this picture, Ben had a good time and was very well-behaved for Dada. (Mom enjoyed a few quiet hours at home.)

After his nap, it was time to party in the backyard. But first thing first, who can party in an overgrown lawn? Ben decided to lend a hand and take care of the grass.

But apparently the mower wasn't in tip-top shape. He tuned it up a bit and was ready to go.

Apparently the patio needed a trim as well.

Once the lawn was in good shape, he decided to kick back and relax. He played a fun game of bags with dad. Here he is trying to climb through the hole.
When he realized he wouldn't fit, he switched to throwing the bags in the hole.

And retrieving them.

After dinner of grilled pizzas with Brad and Denise, it was popsicle time. Yum!

Who made a mess? Me? Never.
We decided to kill two birds by bringing out the hose -- we cleaned him up and he had a blast playing.

The hose was a BIG hit. Ben would have happily played with it all night, but it was getting late and he was getting cold. I am hoping next year he can stay up late enough to enjoy some fireworks. This year we lit some sparklers, but he showed zero interest. Maybe next year!


  1. that hat on him is adorable. And, had to laugh at Dee being right there for the food.

  2. I LOVE the picture of him holding the popsicle and looking down at his dripping belly. That's adorable.