Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Saturday we visited Grandpa while he was camping.

We got Ben his very own camping chair for the occasion, complete with cup holder.

Ben spent most of the visit just wandering around and exploring.

And dumping water down his shirt.

Grandpa tried to show Ben a dead bug, but he thinks that anything put in front of his face is an offering of food. Thank god he is lazy enough that he waits for you to place it in his mouth, or he might actually have eaten the disgusting thing.

Instead, he tried a cookie. Not surprisingly, he was not interested. Unlike his mama, he doesn't like cookies much.

After he got the lay of the land, he entertained himself with various tasks. Such as sweeping the dirt...
Refereeing the bags game...
And watering the grass...
After all that hard work, it was time to kick back with a beer and relax.

Please note the can was unopened. Ben just really liked playing in the cooler.


  1. That post is hilarious. Ben is really learning how the Jackson/Tammaro men go camping.

  2. I have eaten a few bugs in my past. Mostly unintentionally. Bags, beer, and bugs. Sounds like a camping trip to me! Ben looks cute in his camping chair.