Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swedish Days

Tonight we went with our friends Meg and Ed and their daughter Scarlett to Swedish Days, Geneva's summer festival/carnival.

Meg and Ed thought the wagon would be easier and more fun than two strollers, and they were right! The kids loved people-watching and were so well-behaved the entire time.

I had to get a picture of their feet because a) they are just cute feet and b) I think it is funny that we unknowingly ended up buying them the exact same sandals (except Scarlett has the adorable pink ones and Ben has the boy version).

There was a ton of great food to be sampled. Here Ed generously shares his Swedish meatballs with Mike. Yikes!

Like father, like son -- Ben wanted a bite too. Ed gave Ben his first taste of Swedish meatballs. Ben was a BIG fan.

Ben and Scarlett also shared some curly fries. Big hit!

Meg was kind enough to give Ben a sip of her lemonade to wash the food down. Yum! He loved it, of course.

Ben loved all the food so much, he kept asking for more, as you can see here.

Next, Mike decided the giant turkey legs were just too fun to pass up.

And we couldn't resist balloons for the kids. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

But Ben immediately decided that since everything else tasted so good, this balloon must be delicious too.

And in addition to the kids trying to eat them, they were also a little large to manage. Meg helped out by holding on to them so the kids didn't hit passers-by with them.

Scarlett tried to enjoy her water, but Ben kept trying to steal it from her. She was smart enough to keep a tight hold on it though.

Our last stop was Graham's for milk shakes. Ben and Scarlett were HUGE fans!

With messy results...
Again, he asks for more. He can say and sign "more," but tonight he kept choosing the more direct approach of just reaching his hand up. Mr. Manners, this one.

The end result was a very dirty, sticky but happy kid.
On our way back to the car, Scarlett taught Ben the "trick" of grabbing the wheel of the wagon while it is moving. The more we said no, the more they did it. Ah, kids. Not even two and already teaching each other bad habits! :-)

We had a great night. I think Swedish Days will be an annual event from now on. Thanks Meg and Ed for inviting us along!


  1. Those sure are some cute pictures.

    That shot of Ben with the milkshake is great. His eyes are amazing!

    The other day I had some lemonade and Lily took a drink, then made a sour face at me and said, "I no like lemonade!" She refuses to drink anything but milk or water.

  2. He is sooooo cute. I especially liked the one of him reaching up (just below "Mr. Manners...") and stepping on poor Scarlett's dainty pink-sandaled foot!

    And, for the first time I see him look exactly like you when you were little in the picture with the dirty face.