Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ben's Helper

Ben loves to get into the fridge and rearrange the items on the bottom shelf. Usually this is a solo job, and he stacks his goods on the bar stool next to the fridge. But while Grandma T. was over for Father's Day, he was generous enough to let her help.

I love this face and how he is still gripping the bottle, as if he is sizing her up to decide if she is up to the challenge of being his assistant.

Apparently she passed his test, and he put her to work. Grandma T. proved to be an excellent assistant. Ben handed her various items, and it was her job to hold them until he was ready to put them back in the fridge.

It's a good thing he didn't want Grandma T. to sample any of the items, because he handed her giardinera, hot sauce, and lime juice. Quite a winning combination!

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