Monday, April 25, 2011

Posing -- Not So Much

Sadly, this is the best picture we could get of Ben with his great grandma. You can see that I had to bribe him with my cell phone to even get this awful shot.

Clearly Mr. Ben does not take after Ms. Lily in the posing for a picture department. Here is the evidence of that:

1. Hiding and trying to get out of my arms.

2. Actually pushing her away with his hand. What a charmer.

3. Turning away and hiding again.

4. Squirming to get down.

At this point, we gave up.


  1. Yes, he is not like his cousin Lily. The whole she was riding her tricycle the other night, she was saying, "Take a picture, Mama! Take a picture!" Then when I take them she says, "See Lily!" and wants me to show her the picture I just took.

  2. In Ben's defense, he was trying to get down to get into everything he could see.

  3. Maybe it's a boy thing. I take about twenty pics of Tucker to get one decent one, and he tells me, "no pictures!" and purposely looks away or runs off or otherwise spoils what was otherwise a perfectly lovely shot. Hmph.