Monday, April 11, 2011

Duckies and a Bridge

During our stay in Texas, Gammy took us to visit a cute little shopping area, which had a little creek and bridge and some statues in the center. It looked like a good place for Ben to stretch his legs before the drive home. Ben was really curious about the water, and would have walked right into the creek if Dad hadn't been there to grab him.

He was not so impressed with this statue.

But he found the duck statues fascinating. He tried to pet them at first, not realizing they were only statues.

Dogs weren't allowed in the creek area, so Gammy and Dee waited by the car. When it was time to go, Dee and Ben were excited to be reunited.
But after greeting Dee, Ben noticed that he was on a bridge. He loved it and didn't want to leave. Gammy tried to coax him to the car...
But in the end, Dad had to carry him to the car kicking and screaming. Who knew a bridge and some duck statues would be such a hit!


  1. Looks like you guys know how to have a good time! Isn't it funny how they are fascinated by everyday things?

  2. Kids are so weird. Tucker will sit and play at the train table at Barnes and Noble for hours - we got him his own train table and he hardly ever played with it, but he would still kick and scream every time we left the bookstore.

  3. We should've let him play on the bridge more I guess, but I was so afraid he would fall and get splinters. The picture of him from the back looks just like a cowboy walking with his cowboy stance. He fit right on those ducks just like a little cowboy...I guess I should say "Duckboy".

  4. I think that maybe Ben liked the creek because he was ready for a little fishing!