Saturday, April 23, 2011


Generally I don't think Ben takes after me too much. But his love of chips is clearly something he inherited from his mama.

While in Texas, Ben got quite excited when Gammy pulled out the BBQ potato chips. (Mom, apologies for this terrible picture, but it was the only one I managed to get.)

We were trying to get Ben in his PJs for bed, but when he spotted those chippers, all bets were off.

Between Dee and Ben's begging, I don't think Mom got a chance to eat a chip herself. She was too busy throwing them to a crazed Dee. But Ben had a more direct approach. Mom put a chip on her knee for him, he prompty snatched it up and shoved it in his mouth, and then tapped her knee until she forked over another chipper.

Their methods were effective. I think between the two of them, Mom never did get a chip.

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  1. thanks for pointing out this was not my best look. Ben on the other hand is always cute no matter the setting.