Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Bunny

Saturday we awoke to our first snow of the year. We decided to bundle Ben up and let him check it out. When I say bundle, I mean bundle. The poor kid. Gloves, hat, coat, and snow pants, on top of socks and footed pajamas. He was ready!

I carried him out to the backyard. At first he didn't really react. He just quietly checked it out.

Then Mike tried to sit him down. Ben was so loaded down with clothes, he couldn't manage to sit up at first.

While it looks like he is making a snow angel, really he just fell backwards thanks to all those layers and couldn't get himself up.

As the snow fell on his face, he kept blinking his eyes and making these very confused faces.

Once he figured out how to stay sitting, he started to enjoy the snow. He just watched the snow fall for a bit.

Then he tried to get his hands in it and play with it.

Not one to be left out, Dee had to get in on the action. She perched herself right on Mike so she could keep an eye on Ben.

Ben likes to be on the move, so he quickly grew tired of just sitting. He decided to crawl around and explore.

Except between the 4 inches of snow and the snow suit, he was too bulky to move. He was NOT happy about this realization!

And that ended our adventure in the snow.

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  1. Ben is such a cutie. Poor Dee looks like she wants some attention or is worried about Ben.