Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Tammaros

On Christmas day, we headed to the Tammaro's for Christmas dinner and more gifts. Here are the highlights. There are not many pictures, as by this point I was barely hanging on I was so sick. Getting so sick right at Christmas really upset me, as I was so looking forward to Ben's first Christmas. But you get what you get, and (as Mike reminded me) there will be other Christmases.

After some playing and a nap, Grandma tried to give Ben dinner. He wasn't too interested in eating (still a little sick), but he sure looked cute in his new Christmas bib from Grandma.

Then we headed downstairs for presents. Ben loves to walk around tables, but the glass top on this one had mom pretty nervous.

And of course it was a matter of minutes before he was into the decorations.
Present-opening time was a little choatic. The dogs had to get in on the action, so it was a little crowded.
But there were lots of great toys, books, and clothes from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brad, and Aunt Denise. Brad taught Ben how to use a hammer, a good life skill.
Ben picked up another life skill while we were there, he climbed stairs! I don't have a picture, but shortly after we opened presents, he crawled over to the 5 stairs dividing the kitchen and family room and climbed right up them. I was right behind him in case he fell, but he didn't need me. He has shown zero interest in the stairs at home, so I had no idea he already knew how to climb them. Might be time for more baby gates....


  1. Babies near coffee tables scare me to death, ever since Jack blackened his tooth on one when he was a toddler. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas despite the flu, cold, and ear infection. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Ben is such a cutie! I think that reindeer sweater is the same one Connor wore for holiday festivities.