Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor Baby

I got a call from Ben's daycare, Creative World, on Thursday afternoon that he was running a temperature of 102.6. I picked him up and brought him home, hoping it would be short-lived. I should have known better. I had planned to take Friday off to do Christmas shopping. Any time I try to plan a Ben-free day to get something done, he has a way of reminding me that he is my top priority. So shortly after I got him home, his eyes starting oozing yellowish gunk. Uh oh!

Friday morning I called the doctor and we went in for a visit. He is on prescription eye-drops and we've been administering tylenol and motrin, as needed.

The poor little guy can't keep down solid foods but is doing okay with the bottles. He woke up at around 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday burning up and miserable. This morning at 2 a.m. his temp was 103, the poor thing. After 2 hours, I finally got him back to sleep and, much to our relief, he woke this morning without a fever. He is still not interseted in eating solids, but he is playing more and seems more himself.

Yet through it all, he is such a trooper! Point in case:

Yesterday I put him in a laundry basket with some toys and pushed him around. (Hey, it always made us girls feel better.) He loved it. You can sort of make out the eye irritation in this picture. His eyes look like someone punched him.

He loves balls these days. Especially this basketball Grammy sent him. He throws it pretty well. I think he must take after his cousin Lily with his skills!

Poor baby!

Later that night, he was really burning up, so we left him in just his diaper. Can you say white trash baby!

Later Mike put a bib on him for dinner (although he refused to eat). Him wearing nothing but a diaper and a thanksgiving turkey bib just cracked me up for some reason. I'm sure he'll hate me for this picture one day.


  1. Poor little baby! He is such a champ when sick. I wish I were there so I could get him to fall asleep on me again. The only good thing about having a sick baby is that if (like ours) they're not big cuddlers, it's your big chance to get some snuggle time.

  2. Those little eyes still look cute, even with the black eye look. Hope he gets better soon. Wish I was nearby to take care of him for you.

  3. Poor thing! At least he should be all better in time for his first visit from Santa!