Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poor Baby

Saturday morning we woke up to a sick baby. He drank his bottle, and then proceeded to throw it up all over mom. Every so often this happens, so I didn't worry too much. With help from Dad, I gave him a bath to remove the formula from his "Danny Devito" hair and put him in his robe for a bit, just to make sure he wasn't planning his next vomit attack.

All seemed well, so we went about our day. But after a long nap, he threw up his next meal as well. He was crying, fussy, irritable and nothing would make him happy. This is not my baby. Ben is usually fuss-free and so easy-going, so clearly something was wrong. We got through the day and hoped he would be better in the morning. No such luck.

He woke up cranky and again threw up all his formula. With the worry of a first-time mom, I called and had the pediatrician on-call paged. Dr. Devidio called me back and informed me that a stomach bug has been going around and he was pretty sure that is all Ben was suffering. He recommended pedialyte and continuing the infant tylenol we'd administered before bed the night before (don't worry, it is generic, not the recalled version). Above is his first taste of grape-flavored pedialyte. He was confused by the taste at first, but decided he was a fan and sucked down 2 oz. We then gave him 1/2 strength formula after he kept down the pedialyte for an hour. He is now napping. Hopefully he is on the mend already and will be back to his normal, charming self soon.

Mom sure hopes so, for his sake and hers!


  1. Sounds like he's on the mend. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Nothing hurts like having a sick baby. It is so hard to look at them and not be able to tell what is hurting. I bet you are happy he is resting and I hope he will be fine now.

  3. Well, now that he's had a taste of something besides formula he'll be looking for more. Having a sick baby is the worse thing in the whole world.

  4. It really is. And I think he has acid reflux now. Mom, I know this was your diagnosis all along. I don't know if the stomach bug caused an irritation that brought on acid reflux or if it was just reflux all along. He is going to the doctor today to see if it is reflux, and if so, to get some help for it. I'll keep you posted!