Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Been a Day

If you believe in karma, then I must have done something very wrong recently. Because today has been one of those days.

First, Ben has been sick, vomitting, fussing, screaming...

Next, while running errands, I had a few issues. If you have ever been to Costco at 1 p.m. on Sunday, you know that is enough to try anyone's patience. I am tired and stressed from a sick baby, so I am already at the end of my rope when I finish paying and head to the food court for a quick lunch. Only after waiting in a line 10 people deep am I informed that the food court is cash only.

Mike borrowed my last $4 for coffees this morning. I leave empty-handed and hungry.

I go to the ATM to get some cash. The ATM informs me that it cannot dispense cash at this time. Excellent. I finish my errands and return home, tired and cranky. Lucky Mike.

After dinner, I load the dishwasher and add the soap. Only in my frazzled state, I apparently accidentally used the dish liquid instead of the dishwasher gel.

Let me assure you that bad things happen when you use the wrong soap in the dishwasher.

One mop, one bucket, 3 towels and a lot of elbow-grease later, I try to look on the bright side. I am certain I now have the cleanest dishwasher in the neighborhood.

I decide to self-soothe with some Dove Promise chocolates. Each chocolate comes with its own "promise" written on the wrapper. I open the first one, looking for a little inspiration. No joke, it says "Think of every day as Sunday." If every day is like this Sunday, I'll pass. Hoping for better news, I open the second chocolate. It reads "Make the most of today." Hmmm.

With tidings like that, I think I will put the other two back.


  1. I forgot to mention that I Mike walked through our screen and tore the bottom and we had a trail of ants by the garbage in the kitchen. What next, I wonder?

  2. I don't know but you should blog more often! You are seriously funny. I laughed out loud- with you, not at you, of course!

  3. This is the best blog I have ever read! Tears were rolling in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. Sugar had to come up and see what I was laughing about. Cheer up Jaysa and save some of these disasters for us when we get there! Ah, motherhood! Isn't it great? You just gottat laugh and go with the flow! And don't forget to write all this down and keep it. One day you will get to remind Ben what you went through raising him!

  4. Gampy was giggling his head off at his laptop and when he read it to me I almost pee'd my pants. Jenn is right, you have good comic timing...write more posts.

  5. Thanks. I feel like I am the least witty of the bunch, so I rarely bother. I'm glad it came across well. I was trying to stay positive and see the humor in all of this rather than let it get me down. I'm glad I could give others a laugh as well!

  6. Although, I'm not sure this was the funniest. I think mom's makeup tutorial takes the cake!