Monday, February 16, 2015


Here's a random sampling of our weekend in photos.

Our new oven arrived! Now the old microwave and brown counters stick out like two sore thumbs. But baby steps. At least we have a functioning oven again.

I got started on the guest bedroom makeover. We said goodbye to the pink paint of Liv's old room and put up Marth Stewart's Zinc. More on this room in a future post.

My view from the kitchen table after breakfast:

I convinced Liv that Daddy could read her a book instead of me.

Dee is still hoping some eggs will be spilled.

Liv decided it was Mom's turn to read a book to her.

Hugging her book. :-)

Ben is obsessed with basketball and wears this outfit whenever we are home. The minute we get home, he's upstairs putting on shorts and a tank top.

My plan of lounging at the table drinking my mocha were short-lived. Here I'm playing with Liv. Notice the outfit: a dress, jeggings, and bright striped socks. Her pick.

Dad and Ben went to the sports store and came home with pink tulips for Mom and Valentine's Day. Thanks boys!

Liv emptied the toys out of this basket and climbed in, and then got herself stuck. Oh, this one. Do you see the spaghetti stains on her pants? This was after a trip to run a few errands and dinner at Portillos. This kid likes a good meatball.

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