Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nightstand Fix Up

Two summers ago, while visiting us, Mom snagged this cute Land of Nod nightstand at a garage sale. I do not recall what she paid for it but I'm guessing under $10. Mom, do you remember?

It started as a reddish wood (from the looks of the underneath of it) but had been painted (shabbily) white. There were drip marks and areas where the paint didn't cover and it was stained and dirty. But it was a great, solid wood little table for Liv's room with just a little TLC.

It doesn't look bad at first glance, but just look at these and trust me. ;-)

Anyway, I had stored it away and finally decided to tackle it this week, since I was doing up her room anyway. I decided more coral would be too much, so I went with blue to match her curtains. I am trying to do this room on the cheap, so I didn't want to buy paint. I looked through my stash and found four little samplers of Martha Stewart that I'd bought on clearance years ago.

I gave it a coat, but it was too bright for the look I wanted.

So I went through my paint stash again and grabbed some dark gray and white. I added here and there until I had a color I was happy with. Then I gave it a coat of wax and called it done.

Now Liv has a cute little nightstand in her room with great (and much needed) additional book storage in the bottom. I'd like to show you a cute, staged and decorated nightstand. I tried just putting a cute little decoration on it. And this shot shows how it coordinates with the curtains. Although the lighting is not great, so it is hard to get the true picture.

But I'm keepin' it real. We needed this table top to house her humidifier and baby monitor (which we hadn't been using but need now that she is way down the hall).

Thanks Mom for grabbing this gem for little Livvie Lu!


  1. OK. Let's be sure to point out that I did not give it that lousy paint job, I bought it in your neighborhood with the paint job already on it. I feel better already after pointing that out :-) I think I paid around $6 for it and didn't even know it was Land of Nod when I bought it. I do think it looks better in the pretty blue color than white. Her room is really coming together.

    1. Apologies if I made it sound like you did that paint job--no indeed! Yes, the blue is cuter in person, as is her entire room. It doesn't photograph well. Or maybe it is the cameraman. :-) $6 well spent!

  2. I was also thinking a new little knob would be cute, but that knob is not installed using a screw but is apparently glued on or something. So I left it alone. It was not super fun trying to paint under/around it.

  3. Looks great! This weekend I'm tackling a bookcase for Reese's room & doing it in purple & pink. I love saving money & doing projects on the cheap!