Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween this year was the coldest in history (as far back as the records go, anyway). It seems like each year, the weather on Halloween is a little colder and crappier. Hard to believe it was in the 70s last weekend.

Liv and Ben both had 3 Halloween shirts each (all hand-me-downs or gifts; lucky us!), so they wore their festive gear almost all week.

I tried to get a picture of this adorable outfit, but Liv was too interested in climbing under the high chair over and over again. Who can blame her?

Here's a closeup of her eye. She came down with an eye infection on Wednesday. It looked like someone punched her. The next day, her other eye looked the same. Poor kid. But such a trooper. You'd never know by the way she acts, except she will occasionally point to it and say "eye."

By Friday, she was looking a little better thanks to eye drops from her doctor. I went to the kids' Halloween parade at daycare, which had to be inside due to the cold,

 Ben doing the fish song.

Liv getting ready for the parade. Once she saw me, I couldn't go back to Ben's room. She was glued to my hip. And she'd been crying because they'd just administered her eye drops--no surprise that she is not a fan!

 Ben in the parade. Like I said, the parade was inside...and a little lame because of that. :-(

Liv just wanted to play in the big kid area. She kept trying to have a conversation on the phone using this mouse.

Ben found his sidekick!

And then we came home to play and get ready for trick-or-treat.

Once Daddy was home, we headed out before it got dark.

It was soooo cold and windy. Miserable. We made it to about 5 houses, and Ben decided to call it a night. Liv was having fun despite the cold. She was holding our hands and walking like she had made the grade. If I let go of her hand to help Ben, she held it up and insisted I take it back. So sweet. But made it hard to take a picture, which is why there are none of us actually trick-or-treating.

After we got home, we ordered pizza and waited for trick-or-treaters to arrive. Ben and Liv both sampled the goods as well. Ben discovered a new love for Starburst (no chocolate for this one).

Livvie was less discriminating. She just like grabbing from the bowl and chewing on candy still in the wrapper. Oh, this kid.

After we got home, Ben handed out candy. He loved this and took his job very seriously. At one point, Liv wanted to put candy in the kids' bags like Ben, but she couldn't get out the door, so she improvised by grabbing a piece from the bowl and put it in the potted plant right by the door. She cracks me up and is such a cutie pie.

Here she is doing her new favorite "trick" of climbing up Mike and sitting on his shoulders. Over and over again. Mike is very patient. She has caught on that Dad might stop letting her climb, so she holds tight to his thumbs to make sure he can't get away.

Happy Halloween! Hoping for better weather next year.


  1. Super cute. Ben really looks like Mike to me in the Batman and Robin picture.

    1. Ben definitely looks more and more like Mike these days

  2. Oh dear, all those Anna's and Elsa's....goodness gracious!!!
    Her poor eye, ouch! Looks painful!
    Trick or treating was not enjoyable, that is for sure, but we did go farther than we did last year. At least 30 houses or so.
    We hardly had anyone come to our house though.

  3. Her spider (bug?) costume was very original!!

    1. A friend gave it to us. It was less creativity and more thriftiness. :-)

    2. Happy to hear your kids were troopers. We aren't sure if it's a fly or spider. But spider seems more Halloweenish. But who knows...

  4. When you said she was going to be a spider on the phone, I felt sorry for her. But those pictures are adorable. It is actually pretty cute. Who ever would've thought Ben would be the tame one?