Saturday, August 2, 2014


Livvie loves the little kiddie slide. She prefers to walk up it more than to slide down it. As I've said, she definitely has her own way of doing things.

We've had this slide since Ben was a baby, and he loved it too. What's not to love?

A few things to note in this video:

- The disaster that the kids made of the playroom. Mostly this was Liv throwing all the kitchen food out of the bin. She likes to sweep it all out with her arms very animatedly, and then crawl into the basket or bin.
- Liv's ragamuffin look. It's mostly the hair, but she just always looks like some homeless child who we picked up off the street. It would help if she'd leave a hair clip in her hair. It looks so cute that way, but you wouldn't know because she won't leave a clip in long enough for me to get a picture.
- How she starts crying and then moves on to something else in about 6 seconds--so Liv. The dramatic crying (sometimes throwing herself down on the floor) and then moving on a moment later must be a girl thing. Ben to this day has never thrown himself on the floor in a crying fit. We may have a drama queen on our hands.

And here's another one, if you're really bored. She gets distracted and starts playing with the kitchen food. All the while, I'm trying to get her to walk because that is the real reason I pulled out the camera. But no dice.


  1. both videos were adorable. I love how she stops herself coming down the slide with her little chunky feet. Was glad to see in the second video that she didn't have the binky attached to her. That seemed to get in the way quite a bit.

  2. So cute!! Don't feel bad either, my kids always look homeless too!