Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dee's Birthday

Back on August 11, we celebrated Dee's "ninth" birthday. We have no idea how old she really is, but they guessed she was around 1 year old when we adopted her, so we just celebrate her adoption day as her birthday. Which makes her 9ish. She's getting to be an old lady. Her two babies are taking a lot out of her these days.

As is tradition, Mike grilled Dee a steak for her birthday dinner. And he made us hot dogs. The irony of this is not lost on us. The dog ate better than we did. But I just had a taste for hot dogs this day.

Dee enjoyed the heck out of her steak. It was gone in less than a minute. We gave her a large portion for dinner and cut up the rest for her meals for the next few days, to mix with her dry food. She ate well that week!

We even sang her happy birthday and ate cupcakes in her honor. Because a birthday is not a birthday if there are not cupcakes, in Ben's world.

Liv loves herself some sweets! Ben likes the frosting. And yes, she is shirtless--never give Liv raspberries when she is clothed.

As you can see, Liv loves it all!

But lord, what a mess! This is her when I asked where her cupcake went. So innocent, like she didn't just shove the thing in her mouth. I guess I'm supposed to pretend I don't see the frosting smeared all over her, the table, and her chair.

Happy birthday, Dee Dee Girl!

I'll leave you with a few videos. They capture the daily goofiness of our lives.

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  1. it sounds like Livvie said "...birthday..." in the last sentence of the last video. I still don't think you give her enough credit for saying things. that steak kinda looked like there might have been one for Dee and one for the grill master too.