Friday, July 11, 2014

Denise and Brad's Wedding

Denise and Brad tied the knot on Saturday, June 28. Ben was the ring bearer, Liv was the flower girl, and Mike was the best man. And I chased after the kids and tried to keep them happy. :-) Which means I took very few pictures. Can't wait to see what the professional pics look like. But here is what I did get.

Liv really likes the wagon. After giving her countless rides around the house, Grammy and Grampy can attest to that. Liv spent a good part of the time just climbing in and out and messing with it.

Dad and Ben before the big event.

Ben really thought it was a hoot to snap the guys' suspenders all night.

Liv chilling out before pictures. The ceremony got underway around 5:30 and she usually naps from 4-5. She didn't get an afternoon nap in, so she was fading a bit. But she was a trooper and stuck it out until 8, when Grammy and Grampy rode to the rescue and picked up the kids.

The happy couple!!! Both looking awesome.

Ben hanging out with the groomsmen. Liv is a doll, so a few people offered to hold her for me for a bit while we waited for pictures.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle. Liv would not wear the flower wreath, would not take out her paci, and would not actually throw the petals. Best. flower. girl. ever. ;-)

Ben was very determined on the way down the aisle. He had a job to do, people!

Liv finally thew the petals about 10 minutes after the ceremony ended. I have no pics of the ceremony because I was too busy keeping Ms. Olivia quiet.

It was hot, and Ben must have been dying in that outfit, but he never once complained. Such a trooper!

Daddy comes to the rescue to give Mom 5 minutes of peace.

Look at that adorable little face. My little love bug.

And that's all I've got...


  1. No pictures of you, huh?

    The men look very handsome and I love Livvie's silver sandals.

    1. Nope. Mike is not a picture taker. Jaimee, you remember his attempt to get a pic of me and Ben coming down the slide in ABQ, right? Clearly, Brad got all the photog skills.

      Yes, the boys were very handsome. I'm glad at least I got some pics of them. I wish there were a better one of Liv. Like when she wore the wreath for 2 minutes. The professional pictures have some of this I think. Her sandals are just her summer sandals from Old Navy. But I figured they were good enough for an outdoor wedding and a baby who refuses to walk (even though she can do so). :-)

  2. Where was this at? I didn't know it was going to be outside! If I remember correctly that day wasn't too brutal. I love her dress and his outfit. Jaysa you are never in any of the photos! That's nothing new! :)
    The kids look like they did a great job!!!!

    1. It was at Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge. It was a beautiful place. There was a nice park right by the wedding area, so I was able to take Ben over to play and let of some energy between the ceremony and dinner, which was great. It was a little hot for the ceremony, but then a huge storm came through and it cooled down some. We were under a tent, so for the most part, the rain was no problem.

      Mike never thinks/offers to take a photo with me in it, and honestly things were just so hectic that we didn't have much time for photos. We did take some family photos with B&D, so I'm hoping at least one of those turns out ok.

    2. Oh, and Liv's little dress I got at Target for $22 at Easter time. What a deal!!! I knew already we would be attending the wedding of course, so I snapped this one up because Denise had mentioned she wanted Liv to wear white, and I new the pale pink flowers would blend with her colors. Luckily I guessed 18 months on the size and it was the perfect fit. Phew! And it is machine washable, so the pasta sauce she spilled all over it came right out in the wash.

    3. Is there anything Target can't do? I heart you, Target. :-)

  3. That cracks me up that Liv refused to wear the head piece or throw the flowers or take out her paci! Kids are always so cooperative! ;o)