Friday, February 28, 2014

This and That

A few weeks ago, Ben was in dire need of a hair cut. So we headed to Kidsnips as usual, but this time I made Liv an appointment too. She was in dire need of a trim and I screwed it up too badly last time to try it again.

She was very squirmy and wanted down to explore, so it wasn't the easiest cut. But the woman did a pretty good job of evening it out without losing too much length. It looks much better. Here is her official certificate. This is the best picture they could get. She kept trying to grab the camera.

In other news, I bought a pack of these paper storage bins at Costco a few weeks ago to help organize all the kids' school stuff. I set one up for Liv for 0-2 years and one for Ben for 4-5. I have a few others that I'm going to use to organize all Ben's old paperwork by year. But these two are current, so they live on the office shelf.

Now, when I bring home anything worthy of saving from daycare, I can just date it and pop it into the bin. Super easy!


  1. inquiring minds would like to see a good picture of the little pixie's haircut puuuulllease!

  2. Congrats to Livvie on the haircut! I love those little bins, super cute idea. I just have a big bin in each kids closet that I toss stuff into but they're all overflowing and messy and need to be re-organized.