Sunday, February 16, 2014

Out and About

Saturday we made a quick trip to Costco, then to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The kids had a great time riding together in the cart. So cute!

At dinner, Livvie was happy to sit and shove goldfish and yogurt melts into her mouth while we waited for the food.

Once dinner arrived, she seriously ate more than Ben did. They "shared" a kids meal of boneless wings with no sauce and oranges. We had to get a refill on the oranges and Liv ate most of the chicken. Ben is in a "not interested in eating" phase.

Here is a video of Liv eating her chicken. She really liked dumping it out of the bowl, then putting it back in, stopping to shove a few pieces in her mouth along the way. I took this on my iphone, so the quality is not awesome.


  1. So cute! I love when she smiles, it just lights up the screen!

  2. love when she sticks her face in the plate. she couldn't be any cuter.