Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

Happy halloween! Despite some rainy, windy weather, we still managed to sneak in a little trick-or-treating and enjoy the day! Ben got to wear his costume to school and had a little party there. Then when we got home, we hit the streets to trick-or-treat. The rain had temporarily let up, so we wanted to get out while we could.

Superman did great, remembering to say trick or treat and thank you, for the most part.

Liv's ladybug costume was a little thick for the bjorn, and she spit up all over her "baby's 1st halloween" onesie, so she just wore her pumpkin hat to be festive. She LOVED walking around and seeing all the action.

We made it to about 10 houses before the rain returned, so Ben wanted to call it a night. We came home and ate Jersey Mike's sandwiches, sampled some candy, and watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special (for about 2 minutes, until Ben lost interest).

I asked him to smile, and instead he showed me the laughy taffy he was chewing. Classy, Tammaro.

We put Liv in her costume, just so we'd have a picture to look back on. She was not a big fan of wearing it though, so we only got a few pics.

Happy Halloween! Can you believe it is November tomorrow. Where is the time going?


  1. It's funny how with Olivia "not a big fan of wearing it" translates to "big smiles for the camera." What a good baby!

    1. Yeah, she;s a sweet little thing. I guess I should have clarified that those are the only pics we got before she started crying. I handed her to Mike to get a few of the two of them, and she started fussing and crying. It was 7:30--she'd had a long day and just wanted her jammies and bottle. She fell right to sleep after that.

  2. Man, Ben is so full of spirit and Olivia so full of joy. You must be doing something very, very right. Happy belated Halloween!