Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kuiper's Farm

Today we headed back to Kuiper's Farm for our annual apple picking. Ben was so helpful getting ready.

Brad and Denise met us there. We got their first, so we killed time on this tractor.

Livvie Lu was all smiles, of course. She just took it all in.

Then it was time for the tractor ride to the apple orchard. It was a very nice day today and there is no Bears game on, so it was super crowded. But even so, the lines weren't as bad as they looked.

Just like Ben at this age, Livvie was a big fan of the apples. Mike bit into one and then let her lick the juice. She loved it!

Ben too. He ate two while we were there picking them.

Us adults liked them too.

We tried to get a family photo, but the kids weren't cooperating as usual... Here are the outtakes.

1. Liv is too busy staring/smiling at Ben to look at the camera.

2. Ben starts laughing because Ben was grabbing his ear.

3. Both kids staring the wrong way.

4. Liv grabbing Ben again.

5. And again. And we give up.

After picking apples, we went in for some pumpkin donuts and apple cider. I gave Liv a tiny taste of the donut. She seemed to like it, unlike Ben who didn't eat his. Surprise, surprise.

Then it was over to the kid's area for a trip down the huge slide.

Hard to make out, but that is Ben with Denise and Liv with Mike...

Then a pony ride for Ben on Teddy.

About this time, Liv took a cat nap. The fun was just too much for her. ;-)

Mike, Ben, and Denise fed the goats while I kept an eye on Liv.

 Checking out the horses.

And another disastrous set of family photos inside the hay stacks. I want bore you with all of them. There were cool tunnels and stacks of hay for the kids to climb on. Liv is still sleeping...

Then a stop at the petting zoo. Ben loved feeding the animals and was super gentle.

And finally at stop at the pumpkins. With my cutest little pumpkins.

For the first year, Ben didn't have a meltdown when we left. Usually he is so over tired and hungry, he flips out about something in the pumpkin area. But this year he was super good. And Liv was super good the whole time; she never fusses. We are lucky parents!

Ben crashed in the car. See you next year Kuiper's!


  1. Yay. I was tired of re-reading Happy 7 month birthday Livvie! Those pictures will be priceless when the kids are older. The ones of Liv eating the apple (or should I say sucking the apple) are really cute.

  2. I agree with mom, those apple pics are precious. She is sure a happy go lucky gal.