Monday, March 25, 2013

Olivia's First Week

Here are some random moments from Olivia's first week/weekend at home.

Olivia spent a lot of time like this. Grammy likes to hold Olivia as much as Olivia likes to be held -- it was a win-win. Grammy is also our go-to burper. Olivia is a tough one to get a burp out of, but Grammy has the special touch apparently.

Her first tummy time. She was trying hard to scoot those knees and move. Then she was just tuckered out.

She was not such a fan of her first "bath." I just used a wash cloth to clean her up. She liked that part but was not happy when I stopped.

She often will open up just one eye. Bill calls her Popeye and I always think pirate.

Saturday night we decided to go out to dinner, just to get out of the house. Ben chose Buffalo Wild Wings. He was in an unusually good mood, ate his entire dinner, never whined or complained or fussed, and sat on my lap cuddling for 10 minutes before our food arrived. It was a great dinner! Olivia slept through the entire thing, and then woke up hungry right after we left.

Over the weekend, Meg, Ed, Scarlett and Harry visited us. Ben was so excited about seeing Scarlett. Scarlett loved baby Olivia. She kept saying "she's so cute." She's pretty cute herself.

It was a great first week! I'll be back with week 2 pictures soon.


  1. I sure miss the snuggling. You forgot to mention her "Danny Devito" hairdo (hahaha). Wouldn't mind being sent the pic of her and me and the one yawning. pls?

  2. Great photos! I love Ben's eyes when he smiles. They look like half moons. I miss holding Popeye. Such a good baby even if she did have a lot of poopy diapers! It is really quiet here. I guess we got used to all the noise while we were there. I am surprised that Livie could sleep through all that!

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on her!!!!!