Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with the Jackson Clan at Kim's house. After dinner and chit-chat, it was time for the kids to open presents. This year Ben has a new-found love of unwrapping gifts. He barely noticed what was inside because he just wanted to open the next one.

Here he is opening his Thomas ball pit. Big hit!

And his Home Depot tool bench.

A cheesy grin for the camera!

I think he liked Kenny's gift, a gas tank for the boat, best of all. He tried using it to fill up his own boat, which was another huge hit!

And Santa even paid a visit to the kids this year. As usual, Ben was very excited as long as he could keep his distance. It is a little tricky trying to take a video while holding the person you are trying to tape, so this isn't so great.

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  1. Oh my. Mike makes a great Santa. I love Ben's little "Thank you, Santa." So cute.