Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lake Shelbyville 2011

Our annual camping trip to Lake Shelbyville was a fun but exhausting weekend! In fact, so exhausting that I didn't get a chance to snap many pictures. But here is what I did get...

We arrived Friday afternoon, and Ben was immediately taken with Kenny Jr's truck. Ben is really into trucks lately, so it is no surprise this was a big hit. It is so tall Ben could walk under it without ducking.

Saturday after breakfast we loaded up onto the pontoon boat and other boats that people brought along, and headed out. Ben loved the boat ride, and we can add "boat" to the list of words he can say. He pointed out every other boat on the water. And, as always, the water really mellows him. Which was nice. A big difference from the rest of the trip...

After a bit of riding on the boat, we found a nice beach spot. Ben really liked playing with his sand toys and wandering the beach area.

Here he is dumping sand from his shovel onto Mike. I liked this game.

He also really liked floating around with everyone and splashing in the water.

And I thought he'd be afraid to go out with Dada on the jet ski, but he loved it...or at least sat happily/mellowly the entire ride, which is about his only reaction to things when he's in the water.

By Sunday morning, Ben was wiped out. I put him in his car seat with a DVD and let him relax while we packed up the car. He was happy to take it easy (finally). He also likes to keep him self busy by taking off his shoes, as you can see here.


  1. seems like he takes right after his Mama when she was his age. You would never leave your shoes on.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love Ben's hat!