Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Party Animal

Apparently, my kid loves a good party. He really lived it up at the 1st birthday party of his friend Scarlett this weekend.

He was the only kid who was willing to wear a party hat around. He kept this hat on for several hours, until it accidentally slipped off and he realized he could eat it. So that was the end of the hat.

He loved the ice cream.

But most of all, he loved the little wagon Scarlett received as a gift. He quickly comandeered it.

He handed out rides to the ladies. Here he is giving Sarina (Scott and Uzma's daughter) a spin around.

But what he REALLY loved was letting everyone push him around in it. He charmed Meg into pushing him around for a bit.

Then the birthday girl herself took him for a spin around the room.

This is the reaction we got when we took him out.

So we put him back in, and all was well again. He happily played with toys while seated in the wagon for quite a while. I think he might have stayed in there all night if we'd let him.

Let's hope he has this much fun at his own upcoming party.

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  1. so I'm guessing he'll be getting a new wagon? Have to keep up with the Jones, right?