Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obsessed with the Vacuum

Ben has always really loved the vacuum.

So when Dad trotted it out Sunday, it was no surprise that Ben perked up and followed after him to watch. He followed Mike from room to room, and I often heard Mike call out "Ben, no. Ben, let go of the cord." Hmm, perhaps we won't win parents of the year. Some might frown upon allowing your child to play with vacuum cords. (Don't worry, we had an eye on him at all times.)

As soon as the vacuum was left unattended, Ben made his way over and inspected it.

He liked what he saw! He is quite a fan.


  1. When I read "...Dad got out the vacumm.." I started laughing right away. I'm glad to know Mike is still rockin' the ole vac! And, wow, teaching Ben from an early age. Jaysa, you will never have to vacumm the rest of your life with those two. I might send Gampy for lessons :-)

  2. How are we not related? Connor also LOVES the vacuum. He often trots over to the closet to visit and inspect it. Now that Ben's walking he might be in to brooms and Swiffers like his buddy Connor.

  3. Tucker was always obsessed with the swiffer. I have pics of him pushing it around wearing nothing but a diaper. The cleaning gene runs strong with these kids!