Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Frankenstein

For the past few weeks, Ben has been taking a few steps here and there. Usually 5 or 6 steps. But in the past few days, he's started walking greater stretches. I wouldn't say he is officially "walking," but he is pretty darn close.

I must admit it is quite a thing to see your baby walking. He is growing so fast. It just blows me away. But as touching as it is to see him walking, I am usually laughing too hard to shed a tear, because he looks like Baby Frankenstein when he walks. Check him out!

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate this video. If anyone knows, please fill me in!


  1. That looks like official walking to me!
    PS: The only way I've found to rotate videos is in the iMovie software that came with our Mac. I took about 2 months of videos rotated the wrong way so I was glad to finally have that option. Maybe there's a similar product for Windows?

  2. Yes, your computer probably came pre-loaded with software that will rotate your videos. However, it's not very user-friendly. I can tell you how to do it when I have more time (I'm sitting in the airport right now), but the best advice I have for you is to just not take vertical videos.

  3. that looks like walking to me too. Love the vocals he uses to propel himself along. Obviously he's very proud of his stroll, the sneeze really sealed the deal on adorable endings!

  4. The software you want is Windows Movie Maker, which probably came free on your computer. Take a look and see if you have it. If so, shoot me an email and I can tell you how to use it.