Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Fun at Kuiper's Family Farm

Today we headed out to Kuiper's Family Farm with Meg, Ed, and Scarlett to enjoy a beautiful fall day at the apple orchard/pumpkin patch.

After sampling some apple cider donuts, we climbed on the John Deere to see if farming is in Ben's future. Perhaps? He really loved "driving" the tractor.

He and Scarlett were pretty interested in all the sites and sounds at Kuiper's.

On our way to the apple orchard, Mike decided to try out the kid's area.

Then we took a hayride to the apple orchard to sample and pick some apples.

Here we all are ready to head out for our apples.

Ben REALLY liked the apples. He has no teeth, so he just kind of gummed them. But the juice must have been delicious!

Despite what the scale says, I can guarantee you this kid weighs way more than a pound! My sore arms can prove it.

Next we headed through the corn maize.

Then we played in a "corn box." Ben was enthralled with the corn. I think he would have stayed in there all day if we'd let him.

But instead we moved on to see the animals. Ben really liked the chickens and ducks.

And finally, we snagged some pumpkins. But Ben is my cutest pumpkin!

I was hoping for a few cute pictures, but Ben was DONE. We'd been out for 3 hours and someone was ready for a nap (well, maybe both of us).

We had a great day. It will be fun to go back next year, when Ben is a little older and can appreciate it more.

Here is a quick video of Ben enjoying an apple.

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  1. I never saw a kid go for an apple like that. Looks like you all had a good time. Looks like a fun place to take kids.