Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sittin' Pretty

My baby is growing up so fast. In a few days he will be 6 months old. And now he has mastered the art of sitting. Something about a baby sitting just makes them seem so much older and more grown up.

About two weeks ago, he was a wobbly, 10 second sitter.

In the bathtub, he was sitting great, thanks to the help of the tub's design.

But then last week, he finally got it. And now he's sittin' pretty all the time!

And before I know it, he'll be crawling!


  1. He looks just like your baby pics, Jay!

    I am dying to meet him, so jealous of Jaimee!

    We are hoping next summer...

    in the meantime, don't let him grow tooooo much.