Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Haircut

Brad offered to take some 6 month photos of Ben for us (he is an aspiring photographer), so we settled on some outdoor photos in downtown Naperville. Before we met up with Brad for the photo shoot, I suggested to Mike that perhaps it was time to trim Ben's tail and mullet. He reluctantly agreed. However, he was unwilling to let me take him to Kidsnips and spend $20 to trim his neck. :-(

So in the name of compromise, we cut his hair, but we did it ourselves.

First we tried using scissors. I was able to cut off the tail and some of the mullet. But then Mike suggested using his clippers to straighten the area. Since he has more experience, he took over.

You can tell by Ben's expression that he wasn't at all sure what to make of the noise of the clippers.

He kept jerking around to get a better look, which makes cutting hair tricky. But eventually he settled down and Mike continued.

I think we did a pretty good job, considering neither of us have ever cut hair before. We left the top alone. We just straightened up that neck line and trimmed some of the long pieces around his ears and cowlick. I think it looks a lot better, but I'm sure I'll be hearing it from a lot of people for touching his hair.

I think he looks just a little bit older and boyish with his hair trimmed, but he is still my baby! After our photo session, we went to dinner at Quigley's, an Irish pub in downtown Naperville that Gammy knows well! Ben did great in a big-boy high chair now that he is sitting so well!

And yes, we do occassionally take that pacifier out of his mouth! It just so happens that it seemed to settle him down for the hair cut, and he was fussy at dinner because he was exhausted from his runway work.

Brad is going to finalize the pictures and send them, so I'll be sure to forward them on. My hopes are high that he got some really adorable shots!


  1. I didn't think it was possible for him to look more like Mike, but the haircut makes him look even more so.

    I was worried cutting his hair would ruin his "style", but it just makes him more Ben. Good job on the cut.

  2. Did you remember to save the little hairs in a baby's first haircut envelope?

  3. I think it was time for the cut. And I don't blame Mike for not wanting to spend the $20. Lily is sixteen months old, and I've still never taken her anywhere to get her hair cut. I gave her her first one myself (to cut off her mohawk and mullet) and since then she's only had her bangs trimmed, which I also do myself.

  4. I know Ben will one day look at the pictures and say-Look what my mom and dad did for me!I think you are accomplished barbers!

  5. Still waiting for a new update...where are more pictures of Dee's bay-bay?

  6. Geesh, here I thought I was doing well putting up two new posts in one weekend! No new pics of Ben yet. It has been a hectic week trying to get ready for our camping trip. I'm sure many pics and blogs will come of the trip though, so stay tuned.