Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter Roundup

Here is a roundup of our Easter weekend:

Saturday started out with Ben's first soccer game of the season. This is the only photo I got, in which it appears Ben just missed the ball--apparently we are both works in progress. Ben's the one in the middle with the "can't miss them" neon yellow shinguard socks.

Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs. Liv did all pink and purple. Ben dyed all colors but only put blue, green, and yellow on his plate. I kept putting the poor, unwanted orange eggs on their plates.

Then we went to dinner at Panera Bread and stopped at the park on our way home. (Dad was out golfing.)

Liv's new favorite look is to wear her brown boots with shorts. Luckily she is cute enough to pull it off.

When we got home the kids decided to have a water gun fight since it was so nice out. Liv was soaking wet (hard to tell in the photo but her shirt, shorts, and boots were completely soaked). Ben was bone dry. So we see which kid needs to work on her skills.

Sunday morning the kids were up bright and early at 6:15 to see what the Easter bunny had left.

Three generations. :-)

Then we made a plastic cup tower to run through and hung out playing with the new things that the Easter bunny brought.

We headed to Nana and Papa's for dinner, but for some reason I got zero photos.

Happy Easter!


  1. Not the best picture of you...perhaps you might wear the blue mask next time!