Friday, July 8, 2016

School Pictures

I'm not a big fan of buying the overpriced, usually not very cute school photos. But I usually buy the smallest package just to have one or two to look back on. Since I don't buy copies to send out to friends and family, here is Ben's Spring Kindergarten photo, Liv's Spring Creative World photo, and Ben's baseball photo.

Why does his hair look so dark in this photo? It is not at all like that in real life. Must have been the lighting... And he chose that "awesome" waterfall background. :-)

Livvie, where are the cute sparkly silver sweater and pink hair bow we agreed on and that you were wearing when I dropped you off? Hmm. Also please notice the shoes and socks--not my choice. Girls are so stubborn about their clothes. And the hair. LOL. But she's still cute.

I almost didn't recognize Ben when I was going through the stack of photos. I was looking for a kid with glasses. I guess they had him take them off to avoid glare or something??? Either way, what a cutie.


  1. Ben wearing an Arizona baseball jersey? I thought he was a Cubbies fan????

    1. Oh, he is no worries. But you don't get to choose your team when you sign up.

  2. By the way, both are looking very grown up in these photos.

  3. Love the choice of awesome waterfall background (snark). Ben is so handsome in his baseball uniform. By high school he will give up the "daily shorts, even in winter" look and will be rocking a uniform every day no doubt.

  4. oh the waterfall! and the dark hair, that is just poor lighting and probably poor editing! goodness, the photographer in me just wants to take school photos and make them awesome! but yes, they are still cute! livvie's shoes, haha! can't win all the battles!

  5. I guess I am used to seeing the glasses in pictures because I would never have recognized him in the baseball pic! Honestly, I would have been ecstatic over the waterfall background compared with the American flag background Tucker chose for his school pics, which I refer to as his "campaign photos".

  6. Gotta love the over-priced school pics! Reese's last was a DISASTER! She picked a dress that appeared cute though I had never seen her wearing. When I picked her up that evening, I was horrified. She looked like a stripper!! It was a way too low cut halter & Mike still sent her. When the pictures came back, she was standing behind a basket so she looked totally nude. Why wouldn't the photographer have pulled her dress up?!? Ben looks so grown up in his baseball pic!!