Saturday, March 7, 2015

Livvie at 2

Little Livvie Lu is 2 years old today. Sometimes I am amazed we made it!!! :-)

What is Liv like at 2 years old? How do I begin to describe this sweet, saucy, stubborn, smart, adorable little girl. She has personality and then some, that is for sure.

She doesn't have her 2 year well-visit for another few weeks, but I'd guess she is around 25 pounds. She wears 2T or even 3T tops and 24 mo or 2T pants. This shirt she is wearing below is 3T, but you can see that the sleeves are a bit long and have to be rolled. But it fits nicely over her baby belly!

She LOVES to brush her teeth. It is one of her favorite activities. We keep a toothbrush in the upstairs and downstairs bathroom so that she can brush them often. She gets so excited to go up to bed because she loves to climb up on the stool, brush her teeth, and drink a sip of water out of the paper cups. It's the little things in life, I guess.

Speaking of bed, she is still a great sleeper. She naps once a day now, from about 10-12:30 or 1. Then she goes to bed around 7:30 until 6 a.m. She has started waking up and babbling at 5 a.m. Her favorite words are poo poo and pee pee, so she will "sing" those words over and over, and then eventually go back to sleep for a little bit.

Her favorite foods are fruit (especially raspberries and blueberries), yogurt, fruit snacks, crunchy things like crackers or chips, and mac n cheese. She will eat her veggies and a few bites of meat but prefers sweets. ;-)

She knows when she needs to poop and will tell us, but then she doesn't want to sit on the toilet for it. She peed a few times on the toilet, and I'd hoped we were on to something, but she hasn't shown much interest since. She is in size 5 diapers. She enjoys taking off her pants and diapers herself and running around naked. She also enjoys pooping in the bath tub, much to my dismay! Ben did it once as a toddler. Liv has already done it 4 times (one just yesterday)!

Her favorite toys are dollies, Legos, puzzles, and dumping anything she can dump. Luckily, she also enjoys putting things away, so that makes the dumping out easier to swallow. If she finds a basket or bucket that she thinks she can squeeze herself into, she does. She loves to play rough, tackling Daddy, being tossed in the air, rough housing with Ben, etc.

She also has some bad habits like throwing things (toys, food/plates/cups) and refusing to get in her car seat without a HUGE fight. She went through a biting phase but that seems to have fixed itself, thank goodness.

Though her speech is a little behind (and she is seeing a therapist once a week for it), she is smart as a whip. She does speak, probably about 20-25 words--it's coming along, I think. Here she is telling everyone hold old she is.

In general, she is fiesty, stubborn, and demanding, but sweet and loving, quick to smile or laugh, and happy. She loves to be carried (especially by Mom) and is going through a mama's girl stage. She loves to copy Ben, to dance, and to pick out her own clothes and snacks (and when I say pick out, I mean she must physically get them out herself).

We are looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring!

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  1. Reese went through a "Mama's girl" phase right before two & it was a bit tiring.. my back was shot by the time the weekend was over because she wanted to be held so often. Happy 2nd birthday, Liv, you're a doll!