Friday, March 14, 2014

Ben at Four

Ben turned 4 on February 17. How this happened, I am not sure. He is getting so big and is no longer a toddler at all. I miss my sweet little baby boy, but the four year old Ben cracks me up on a daily basis.

What's Ben like at four? (Thanks to Brad for the birthday party photos.)

He has an unbelievable memory. He remembers EVERYTHING. It is amazing (and sometimes annoying).

He is incredibly sweet to Liv and a wonderful big brother. I didn't really worry about the two of them getting along when I was bringing Liv home, but I did expect a little jealousy or rough handling. But he is always sweet and gentle with her. He loves to crawl around with her and make her laugh. Watching them together is truly the highlight of my day.

He just had his well-visit, and he weighs 35.8 pounds (43%) and is 39.5 inches (35%). He wears 4T shirts and 3T pants, though he is about ready to move up to the next size in both.

At his well-visit, after a few minutes of Ben's non-stop talking, the doctor said to me "obviously his vocabulary is not an issue." Obviously not.

His favorite color is pink. With purple a close second. He loves super heroes (especially Batman and Superman). He asks to watch Batman daily; "the one with the joker." He told me that the joker had pretty hair. Hmm. He likes to watch train crashes on youtube. His most requested TV show is Bubble Guppies. His favorite activity is driving around his trucks and crashing them or racing them. He loves to pretend he is the police and arrest us or be arrested and put in jail. He loves board games like Busy Town, Go Fish, and Zingo.

His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, quesadillas, apples, sugar cookies, ice cream, apple cider, milk, chips, and goldfish. And he loves a vanilla long john doughnut on Friday morning if he has been behaving.

He has lots of friends at school, but I think Jessica is his favorite. They got married last week. With rings and everything. Super cute.

When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman, a police man, a scuba diver, and Superman. He will be busy!

He still likes brunettes and adores Denise. Look at his adoring gaze.

He is extremely moody. He is either crying and deciding the world has come to an end, or as happy as can be. It comes and goes quickly. You can never quite be prepared for Hurricane Ben.

I'll leave you with this picture and video of Ben pretending to be a boxer, after catching a few minutes of Rocky on TV. He ran off and came back in this get-up, and told me he was a boxer now. Indeed.



  1. OMG, that video had me & Mike cracking up, I love it!

  2. whoa. that outfit is ideal for a boxer or wrestler. I think he needs to put actor/stuntman on his resume too!