Saturday, August 31, 2013

Accidental Vegas Video

I figured out why all my Vegas pictures look weird. I knew the camera got put on a weird setting, but when I uploaded pictures I noticed there was a video on there I didn't remember taking. Turns out each time I was taking a picture, the camera was on video and I was getting short snippets. It resulted in a few minutes of randomness on wedding day. Pretty funny.


  1. This has to be the best video of the Wedding that I have seen! It was great.

  2. The best! great to see how people get ready for their picture to be taken. This is how all videos should be taken instead of the ones where people are avoiding the video camera. Especially liked Jaimee putting her dress over Lily's head, Mike licking his teeth, Livvie sleeping thru everything (no Kit-Cat nap there!), and Bill grabbing my butt (???) At least that's what it looked like. Real people. Loved it.