Monday, February 18, 2013

Visiting Santa...

Ben was very interested in Santa this year, so since we needed something from Bass Pro Shops anyway (and because it is free) we took him to see Santa there (along with every other person in IL that Saturday). There was a huge line, but while we waited we rode on a free carousel, checked out the huge aquarium, and explored the store. There is a lot to keep a 2 year old entertained at Bass Pro Shops, thank goodness.

Ben chose the bear to ride on. (Side note: Ben spotted this Santa hat at Target while running errands that morning, so we got it for him and he wouldn't take it off. He wore that hat until he wore it out. Well worth the $4.)

It's hard to make out, but here he is watching the waterfall from the second floor.

Checking out the camping gear.

Anything with wheels is sure to keep Ben busy for a while.
This huge bear amazed Ben.
Then it was time for us to line up for our turn to see Santa. 45 minutes more of waiting, and Ben wouldn't even sit in his lap. I had to hold him and he started to cry when Santa tried to shake his hand. Oh Ben. But then he'll turn around and tell you that Santa is really nice. Better luck next year!


  1. Oh, no! I totally remember battling the lines and then being disappointed when little Jack wouldn't cooperate with Santa! Luckily, for pretty much all of Tuck's childhood Flossie has wanted us to go to her Elk's Lodge Christmas party and they always have a Santa there with usually only about a ten or fifteen minute wait!

  2. He was so cute in that Santa hat. I remember he wore it to bed every night in addition to wearing it to school. Go figure what makes a kid happy.