Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am happy to say that in the last month or so, Ben has really started to love books. He grabs a book and carries it over saying "book, book, book." It warms this English major's heart!

Ben has several favorites, but right now he most loves this flap book that the Easter bunny brought him.

Sometimes he will read to himself.

This must be some heavy stuff, if that look of concentration is any indication.

Most times he likes to plant himself on mom or dad's lap and read to us.

And we're happy to oblige. I am just so relieved that he likes books. For a bit, he didn't seem interested, and I was worried. I think he was just too busy learning to walk and explore to sit still for a book. Thank goodness he loves them now!

(Sorry for the crappy picture quality. I left my camera at Brad's on Mother's Day so my iphone is filling in until I get my camera back.)

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